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Experimental power electrophoresis

Experimental power electrophoresis is a high integrated level, good voltagelimit, flow characteristic of DC power supply equipment of powerful, the main circuit device adopts a single-phase (or three) bridge rectifier circuit, device adopts a reactor, filter capacitor on the output link, meet the low ripple outputexperimental process must guarantee the requirements of.
The control circuit is a double closed loop automatic control system is composed of the voltage loop, current loop, in order to ensure the systemvoltage, current limit accuracy. Microcomputer system with digital control, not only a high degree of automation, process the information quickly, voltage limithas the advantages of good flow characteristics, the system also realizes digital parameters preset, start automatically when the soft start time and thestop time of booster, booster number can be preset, adjustment function; faultsystem operation, equipment can be automatic protection. Blockade of outputand the sound alarm signal, manual operation is simple, is a kind ofindispensable experimental equipment in laboratory.